89th Avenue FiberArt

Plysplit Braiding is being taught to me by my neighbor and friend Louise French.  Louise is a weaver  from St Paul she teaches weaving as well as plysplit braiding all over the midwest. www.louisefrench.com/ Lou taught a class to me and several of our neighbors last winter and I've been hooked ever since.  The technique is like nothing I've ever done before.  I've been a knitter, crocheter, done macrame and many other crafts and hobbies but nothing has intrigued me the way plysplitting does. All you need is a gripfid and some cords.  www.louisefrench.com/tools_for_ply.htm,  What I love most is the ability to be creative with the different techniques.  Plysplitting  starts with making your cords as such the color combinations, ply thickness and textures makes for endless possibilities.  Each piece becomes one of a kind, start adding stones and beads and you become your own designer. I have started making hatbands in addtion to necklaces and I hope to add belts, pet collars, baskets and who knows what else as I continue to learn------and boy do I have a lot to learn!!!  Below are a few images of the cords and the gripfid used to split the plys.

The gripfid used to bring the splitter cord through the splittee cords 

Components needed for a hatband.  All your supplies including gripfid and a small scissors can fit into a  ziploc style sandwhich bag so you can take your project with you. 

The by-product of 2 hours of cord-making.  Enough cords for a hatband,  a neckpiece,  a dog collar and several  star Christmas ornaments  


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